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Wholesale Phoenix Sylvestris Palm Trees

Landscaping is one of the most underrated and yet most important aspects of your home. The lawn and exterior of your home is both the first and last impression that visitors have of your home, and many homeowners don't take this into account. A front lawn or backyard just isn't complete without a little aesthetic work put into it, and a palm tree brings that playful, yet sophisticated quality to any area. Wholesale Phoenix sylvestris Palm Trees can make a huge impact on the quality of your lawn, and everyone will be asking where you got them!

Phoenix Sylvestris Palm Trees Are A Stunning Addition To Your Lawn

An absolutely stunning species of palm. Tall and boasting a very wide and dense crown, I'm perfect for Zone 9. I thrive both in tropical conditions and places that receive regular frost! Phoenix Sylvestris Palm Trees are the prefect choice for quite a few neighborhoods in America. Bring some of that topical, luxury feel to almost any property. Wholesale Phoenix sylvestris Palm Trees are the perfect addition to your home; we'll add elegance and some serious curb appeal to your front lawn. It certainly wouldn't hurt the property value, either; good landscaping can add significant value to your home.

Don't even get me started on prices! Phoenix Sylvestris Palm Trees Range from a budget-friendly $300 to an extravagant $1,200 for those who crave five-star elegance, all of the time. Whether you're watching your spending or designing a beautiful landscape, A Quality Plant can make it happen for you.

Wholesale Phoenix Sylvestris Palm Trees are a pretty incredible species. Also known as the Silver Date Palm, originated in India and have since grown popular in every Zone we can grow in. Range form 4 to 15 meters in height; we've got that traditional tall, wavy, movie-making style going on, and we'll lend that classic look to you! From late spring to early summer, you'll be treated to beautiful cream flowers and gorgeous red fruit that's so deep, it's almost purple. Fun fact: locals make wine and jelly out of the fruits.

There's nothing quite like a luxurious palm or two to liven up any space around your home. Wholesale Phoenix sylvestris Palm Trees are the perfect addition to your home's landscape. We'll improve your property value and the look of your home with just one or two of us! The palm is one of the most widely recognized and coveted species of plant for a reason, and we bet that you'll see why, since your neighbors won't stop talking about us!