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Commercial Landscape Supply Palms

Palm trees are some of the most popular and most beautiful trees. This is the main reason why these trees are commonly used in different types of landscaping projects. At A Quality Plant we sell palm trees in wholesale to large landscaping projects and commercial landscapers. We only sell to the general public if a person has a big landscaping project where the person requires palm trees in wholesale. The commercial landscape supply palms we provide are of the highest quality. We take care of the trees and also ensure we advise our customers on the ways to take care of the trees.

Most people think that all palm trees are the same but the truth is that there are more then 2, 500 species of palm trees. The trees are differentiated depending on the growth rate, cold tolerance, leaf structure, trunk and size. As professionals we provide advice on which palm trees can do well in certain areas. We also provide information on the way to ensure the trees grow well once they are planted.

While choosing the right palm trees for a landscaping project you need to consider a number of factors. The main factor that you need to consider is the climate of the area where the plant is to be planted. People who live in tropical areas such as Florida do not need to worry much about the climate because almost all species of palm trees do well do well in tropical areas.

While choosing the right palm trees to acquire it is also paramount to consider what exactly you need to use the palm tree for. There are multi-trunk palms and single-trunk palms where both are ideal for different uses. If you need palm trees to create a fence between properties you should go for the multi-trunk option but if you want to plant the trees along the driveway you should choose the single-trunk option.

When it comes to taking care of the palm trees you should start by knowing how to plant the trees properly. When you get commercial landscape supply palms you should not plant the trees too high or too deep because this can kill the trees. You should also avoid fertilizing the plants until the roots develop properly which can take between one to two months. It is also advisable to only trim the dry leaves because the dying fronds provide nutrients which are used to grow new leaves. Therefore, if you come to A Quality Plant we shall provide you with top quality palm trees in wholesale for large landscape projects.