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Louisiana Palm Trees

The state of Louisiana in the deep south of the United states has subtropical weather. The state is mainly agricultural and is also popular tourist destination. Landscapers and property developers often use palm for lining roads, landscaping their properties, since palms are low maintenance and flourish in the warm weather in the state. They are interested in finding a reliable farm which supplies a wide variety of Louisiana Palm Trees for the properties being developed or maintained. A Quality Plant is one of the most trusted palm tree suppliers in the United states, having one of largest range of palm trees in the country.

Since it does not snow in most parts of Louisiana, almost all the palms can grow well in the state. So the main consideration while choosing palms is the location of the palm, maintenance required, growth rate and soil conditions. Palms are used extensively for lining the streets, roads and pathways since they are low maintenance. For this fast growing palms with a single trunk like the Washington robustia or queen palm are preferred. These palms are inexpensive costing less than $100 for smaller palms, and are easy to transplant. These palms grow to a height of thirty feet or more. Our staff will provide information on the size and height of the fully grown palm so that they can be planted the right distance apart.

The areca palm is another affordable palm which is widely used for landscaping, for hedging. We also provide palm like cycads, which are available at a low price of $35 and are grown in containers. Many customers in Louisiana will prefer container grown palms like the bottle palm, Bismarck palm, since they do not have to transplant them. Most of the slow growing palms can be grown in containers, which can be kept indoors or outdoors. We also provide specimen palms like the canary island date palm, reclinata palm, Chinese fan palm and difficult to find palms like the mejdool date palm. For all palms we harden the roots before sending the palms to our customers in Louisiana so that they can be easily transplanted.