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Palms For Sale Florida

Florida is renowned for its tropical warm climate making it favorable for palms to thrive well. We have taken advantage of the nature’s conditions and stocked a good number of species of palm trees for the Floridians and their neighbors. It is certain that the climatic conditions in Florida are not uniform but that has not hindered our efforts of providing palms for every habitat within Florida. The northeast areas of Florida such as Jacksonville are known for their cold tropical climates but we just have the right species for that climatic condition. No matter where our clients are located in Florida, we have the passion to make them experience elegance through landscaping with palm trees, like any other part of Florida.

We Offer The Best Palm Trees For Sale In Florida

Our variant stocks of palm trees makes as among the best palm for sale for Florida Palm Tree distributors. We stock variant species of palm trees suitable for landscaping in any part Florida. Use of palms for landscaping in Florida has been cherished by the Floridians for centuries due to the many unlimited benefits that the residents gain. First and foremost, many have related palm trees with elegance and for that reason, many homesteads that have been landscaped with palm trees usually earn a good return during their sale. It is rare to find a real estate within Florida that has not been landscaped with palms. Palm trees are also loved for their easy and cheap maintenance across Florida. The rakes have no use in gardens with palms since they do not shed their leaves as compared to other trees. If shedding occurs, it is a single frond or two, which cannot be termed as work when picking them.

A good number of palm tree species can thrive well in Florida, both the native and the imported species. We stock a large number of native species of palm trees for the lovers of the native types. Florida is the home to the largest number of palm species out of all the states in the US. Palms native to Florida include the Sabal palmetto, also referred to as cabbage palm. This species of palm are very many in number and popular across Florida, with their number averaging to millions.

Some native palms are extinct and very rare to find, such as the Miami palmetto and they can only be found in a number of the private gardens. Other native species include the dwarf cabbage and the royal palm. The list is actually endless and we have stocked a good number of the native palms to suit preferences of lovers of native species.

As for those who love the imported types, we are the leading palms for sale Florida can ever have. The most common imported species across Florida include the areca palm, also referred to as the butterfly palm which traces its origin from the Madagascar islands in Africa. It is very popular in the tropics and subtropics and Florida just has the right climatic conditions for it. Its smooth silver green trunks with the fronds that are feather shaped makes it the right type of plant for elegant landscaping. Another common type of the imported species of palm is the Bismarck palm, also coming from the Madagascar islands in Africa, tolerant to cold temperatures of up to 150 F. they produce small flowers with nice fragrance during the late spring making them suitable for use either indoors or outdoors. 

If in need of many other species of either indigenous or the imported types of palm trees, we have the best species of palm for sale Florida has ever had.