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Buying Sabal Palm Trees

Florida is home to thousands of different known species of palm trees around the globe and has millions of the native palms trees found everywhere. Palm tree use for landscaping has been in practice for centuries and we have stocked a large number of the indigenous species of palm trees to suit our clients’ preferences. We also have different species that suit the different climates in Florida. Florida is known for its warm tropical climate hence most people never imagine if there is a strain of palm tree that can thrive well in the northeast Florida that is characterized by cold tropical climate. We are the leading distributors of palm trees in Florida and that simply means we have stocked palm trees for every climatic condition found in Florida.

Buying Florida’s State Symbol, Sabal palm trees

Sabal palm trees are among our stocks of cold hardy palm trees which can perform well in the cold tropics of Florida. Sabal palmetto, the scientific name for the popularly known cabbage palm is an indigenous species of palm in Florida and also the official state symbol, declared in 1953. We therefore pride ourselves with this strain of palm tree as we readily offer high quality plants for Floridians. Sabal palmetto is very popular across Florida for its tolerance to the cold tropical climates and also can withstand a good number of different types of soil.

The cabbage palm tree comprises of a single trunk which is unbranched, gray and covered with some old leaves at the base, creating a criss-cross pattern. At maturity, the trunk attains a size of between 10 and 15 inches wide. It produces a mixture of fan shaped and feather shaped leaves which can also be palmate or pinnate.

Sabal palm trees are known for their creamy flowers normally produced during the summer periods. The flowers normally form a cluster droop from within their crowns. Not only will the Sabal palm improve aesthetic value of the landscape, but they also provide black colored fruits that are a 1/3 inch in size that are delicious.

When growing freely in the wild, cabbage palm can grow up to 80 feet but when cultivated, it barely go beyond 40 feet. They are ideal for landscaping and can be used either indoors in containers or can be grown outdoors in the fields. Its cold tolerance is absolutely amazing, making it suitable for growth in the cold tropics of Florida. Other native Florida palms include the world’s most famous coconut palm, Miami palmetto among others.

We also do have a wide range of stocked native palm trees that are adaptable in the tropical conditions of Florida plus the imported species of palm trees. The imported include the areca, native to Madagascar islands costing $120, sago palm native to the Ryukyu Islands of japan costing $35. We also stock the Sylvester palm which is traced from southeast of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh costing a fair price of $650.

We stock the different varieties of palm trees apart from the native Sabal palm trees at fair prices to suit the preference of each and every Floridian interested in improving the value of their property through elegant landscaping.