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Palm Tree Nursery

Palm trees are among the world’s most beautiful and useful plants due to their varied uses. Palm trees are treasured for their fruits or fiber production and also serves great purpose in landscaping and adding aesthetic value to property. Their growth also varies from those that are tropic or desert, to those that are from sensitive or very cold resistant. We specialize in rearing these important plants in our palm tree nurseries to offer them to our clients at different levels of growth. We specialize in a wide variety of the palm, from the desert type such as phoenix and Washingtonia, to the cold hardy types such as the Windmill palms. 

There are certainly thousands of palm tree species known and we have a wide range of species each in their own palm tree nursery to give clients the species they are after, satisfying both their size, color and shape preferences. At our palm tree nursery, we have several varieties of palm trees that thrive well in all parts of Florida.

The sago palm for instance is a slow growing palm, making it suitable for those who are fond of growing their palms in containers and pots. When they are young, sago palm resemble palms fronds which are emerging directly from the ground surface. They later on grow into a wide trunked plant, giving the sago palm its unrivaled shape. While still young, they are suitable for planting near the entry points, tight corners or at swimming pools. They make one of the best palms for landscaping due to their wide spread fronds and thick and short trunk. They are available at $35 fair price. 

We Are A Florida Based Palm Tree Nursery

Our palm tree nursery is also home to the popular desert Bismarck palm, which has blue-green fronds which make it popular in either tropics or the desert climate. It has a bold and formal appearance makes very popular across real estates in Florida and suitable for use as blocking views in swimming pools or any places with exposed views. We have a large stock of the young Bismarck palm in our nursery at different stages of growth and size. On maturity they can attain a height of up to 16’ and we have it at a fair price of $550. 

We are thrilled with our species of Dioon edule and made it available for Floridians to try them out. It is a seed propagated variety native to the Mexico’s Tamaulipas. Its fronds usually can grow 3-4’ in length and on maturity, they develop a reddish bronze emergence at the top. This species usually thrive well in well drained soils and a sun exposure of between 4 to 6 hours. 

We offer a chance for our clients to create their gateways with the Sylvester palm tree, native to the southeastern Pakistan and parts of India. This species is hardy, resistant to pest attacks and diseases that attack other palms trees. Silvester palm makes a good landscape attraction when planted in pots or containers and placed in groups. When fully mature, they are best when existing singly in an area. It thrives well in well drained soils, require less watering and maintenance. We have them at fair price of $650 in our palm tree nursery.