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Port Charlotte Florida Wholesale Palm Trees

Port Charlotte is located on the Gulf coast between Fort Myers and Sarasota in the state of Florida. In addition to its coastal areas which are famous for water sports and related activities, the area is also a popular place for retired people. Hence there are a large number of properties which are owned or rented by retired persons. The builders, construction companies and landscapers who are developing commercial properties, homes and other residential properties would like to grow some of the palms which Florida is famous for. Hence they would like to find out who is the most reliable farm for Port Charlotte Florida Wholesale Palm Trees

A Quality Palm is one of the more popular nurseries in Florida, supplying a wide range of wholesale palms to landscaping companies, property developers and others. We work closely with our clients to help them select the right palms, based on where these palms will be used. The areca palm is one of the most popular palms in Florida, with a large number of property owners using the palm for hedging and similar purposes. The palm requires less maintenance and is affordably priced. For property developers who have a lower budget, the sago palm, growing in containers is the preferred option.

Though most landscapers prefer to purchase smaller palms, since they are cheaper, smaller in size and easier to transplant, it is important to ensure that the landscapers consider the growth of the palm. Some of the palms like the Canary date palm and Bismarck palm grow in size and are sometimes more than 30 feet across with a trunk which may be four feet wide. So though these palms are expensive, they are used for landscaping or the focal point in the property when grouped with other palms. Hence there should be enough space in the property so that they can grow well. In other cases, the property owner would like to have fast growing palms, so he can opt for Queen palms or Washington Robusta palms.