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Alabama Palm Trees For Sale

The temperature in the state of Alabama will vary depending on the location of the property where the palms are being grown. The southern part of the state is close to the Gulf of Mexico and has humid and warm weather. The temperature in the northern part of the state is lower,and the temperature drops to below freezing point in winter. So property developers, landscapers and other wholesale buyers of palms would like to find a reliable nursery who is offering Alabama Palm Trees For Sale. A Quality Plant having a large farm at Ruskin, Florida, supplies a wide variety of field grown, specimen palms which are suitable for Alabama soil and weather conditions for residential and commercial properties

The palms which can survive the cold weather in the Northern part of Alabama can also thrive when the weather is warmer during summer. The Pindo palm, Windmill palm, Needle palm, saw palmetto palm are some of the palms which grow well even at low temperatures. The sago palm is actually a cycad which also grows well in colder climates. Since the sago palm is usually supplied in containers, it can be easily moved to an indoor location during winter if required. Compared to other palms the sago palm is also affordably priced at $35 for one plant.

The southern area of Alabama has warm subtropical weather similar to Florida. So most of the palms which grow well in Florida will also flourish in these areas. The Washington Robustia, Foxtail palm, Queen palm are some of the most affordable palms costing priced at below $100 for palms of trunk length less than 15 feet. We also supply specimen palms like the Canary Island date palm and Bismarck palms which are used for landscaping in large properties especially commercial properties. We have palms of different sizes available to cater to the requirement of the customers. Usually smaller palms are cheaper and easier to transplant compared to larger palms. We ensure that the palms are well hydrated before we dig them to send them to our customers in Alabama.