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Florida Wholesale Phoenix Reclinata Palms

Palm trees are beautiful and are often pictured alongside sun, sand and turquoise ocean water. There are many palm trees all over Florida. They make excellent decorations for shopping malls, resorts, swimming pools, homes and botanical gardens. There are over 2,500 species around the world. At A Quality Plant, we can provide you with any species which you desire. Our Wholesale Palms Florida are beautiful, healthy and easy to maintain. They make for beautiful additions on any landscape. Here is more about one of our most popular species, the Phoenix Reclinata Palm.

All about Wholesale Phoenix Reclinata Palm Trees

This is a tropical palm tree species. It is found in many countries across Africa, the Comoro Islands and Madagascar as well. The Phoenix Reclinata Palm is versatile. This means that it can grow comfortably in a wide variety of habitats.

Areas that are seasonally water-logged such as watercourses, high rainfall locations, rainforests and riverine landscapes make excellent growth locations for the Phoenix Reclinata Palm. This species can also grow on rocky hillsides, grasslands and cliffs as well. This palm tree grows well from sea level to 3,000 meters.

The Phoenix Reclinata Palm produces some orange, fleshy, sweet fruits. These are often referred to as dates. The seeds are dispersed by birds and animals. Examples of these include lemurs, birds, elephants and mangabey monkeys. Humans also consume these fruits and assist with dispersion.

This palm tree species is one of the most popular ones in our inventory of Wholesale Palms Florida. We sell hundreds of Phoenix Reclinata Palms on a wholesale basis. This palm grows in massive clumps that create an Oriental fan shape. Hence, it can be used to create a beautiful feature in your landscape. This palm can grow up to a height of 50 feet with 15 foot fronds. Thus, it is a beautiful, large palm tree.

This palm tree requires minimal maintenance. It is a strong tree which can endure low temperatures of up to -20F. Thus, it is a hardy palm tree species which will survive a variety of weather conditions.

At A Quality Plant, we sell high quality palm trees that will grow healthy and strong in almost any weather condition. We stock thousands of beautiful and functional Florida Wholesale Phoenix Reclinata Palms. The Phoenix Reclinata Palm is one of our most popular species. Check out our inventory and pick out a tree for your home today!