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Florida Palms Wholesaler

Consumers often contact our business when they are interested in buying wholesale palm trees. Many of them often write about how they appreciate the aesthetic of the palm tree, and seek to create a similar vibe for clients or consumers. We are often contacted as one of the top Florida Palms wholesalers in the region.

The first type of wholesale palm tree that is commonly sold is the container palms. A Florida Palms wholesaler should be able to provide a variety of palm trees for various needs, and we have a wide collection of container palms. An example of the Container Palm is the Areca Palm, one of the more popular indoor plants for the world. Florida Palms wholesaler maintains these palms because of their variety of application. The Areca Palm works best in subtropical to tropical climates, but can survive in light frosts.

Most Florida Palms wholesalers like ourselves sell Cycads. The cycads typically have a strong trunk and a growth of large evergreen leaves that are neatly paired on each side. These plants typically grow very slowly and are often sold by Florida Palms wholesalers because of their long lives. They are often mistaken for palms or ferns, despite being distantly related to either in appearance.

Florida Palms wholesalers like ourselves also offer field grown Palm trees. Most of our collection of container palms can also be seen in the field grown palm trees collection. The palm trees can be found in landscaping sizes, but also can be scaled down to be able to fit into your garden.

The holy grail for most Florida Palms wholesalers is the specimen palm. Very few palms typically reach this classification, and are greatly rewarded due to the color, symmetry and volume of these palms. Care of these palms is very difficult, and our company offers delivery and installation services to its end location.

Our services also include landscaping tree installation of live oak trees. This service is typically best used for empty properties and to provide aesthetics for the location. Finally, we also grow tropical foliage for landscaping and to provide a neat aesthetic.