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Whosale Bismark Palms, Dioone Edule Palm

Florida has pleasantly warm weather through out the year, so it is a popular tourist destination. Tampa is one of the largest cities in Florida, and has a large number of visitors from all over the world, especially during winter. The hotels, commercial and residential properties are designed to have a tropical look with palm trees. Hence many landscapers and property developers in Tampa are interested in finding reliable suppliers of specimen palms and palm like Cycads. A Quality Plant is one of the most popular suppliers of cycads, palms in Florida growing a large variety of palms and other plants at their farm at Ruskin, Florida

Specimen palms like the Bismarck palm are widely used in parks and commercial properties for landscaping to give the property a unique look. We are one of the top rated suppliers of Tampa Florida Bismark Palm Trees, supplying Bismarck palms of different sizes based on the requirement of the customer. If required for ease of transplantation, the customer can order container grown Bismark palms. The palms have large fan like leaves, silver green grey in color, for a canopy which is up to twenty feet wide. Hence there should be adequate space around the Bismarck palm. Often many properties have groups of three of more palms together. The maximum height of the palm, a slow growing palm is approximately fifty feet in size.

Often property owners are interested in finding a Tampa Dioon edule Palms nursery, since these palms are affordably priced and are usually grown in containers. One of the main advantages of purchasing Dioone Edule, a palm like Cycad, is that it is affordably priced at $65. Additionally it is usually supplied in containers, so the user does not have to transplant it and can change the location of the Dioone Edule easily, moving the container. The very slow growing cycad reach a height of up to twelve feet and has a spread of four feet. It will grow well in dry weather in well drained soil. Depending on the soil quality, NPK fertilizer may have to be applied. Typically a Dioone Edule will survive for sixty years.