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Wholesale Palm Trees Daytona Beach, Florida

Landscaping is important in adding beauty to homes, apartments or business premises. It is known to add tremendous value to the property regarding value. Palm trees rank among the most popularly used plants for landscaping. Palm trees are mostly popular for landscaping in warm climates due to their characteristic nature which immediately makes them stand out from other plants.

Are you looking for wholesale palm trees in Daytona Beach, Florida?

A Quality Plant is a wholesale palm tree farm offering you the widest variety of high-quality palm trees at competitive prices. To achieve high-quality palm tree plants at A Quality Plant, we invest our time, patience and care on our palms. This includes techniques such as irrigation with tested water, frost control techniques in case of a hurricane, proper scheduling and timing of fertilization which all plays a role in achieving the best quality palm trees. A Quality Plant’s number one goal is to provide the highest quality palm trees to our clients at the best wholesale prices. You can browse our various palm trees on our website, then order and have it delivered to any destination within the U.S from East Coast to West Coast all the way to Canada.

At A Quality Plant, we are dedicated to bringing you the best palm and cycad specimens, and the widest variety.

One of our most popular palms in the Areca Palm. The Areca is an excellent indoor palm that actually acts as an air filter and humidifier while beautifying your interior spaces. Of course, the Areca is also popular outdoors as its bushy fronds are excellent for privacy. We sell our wholesale Areca specimens in containers as well as field grown, affording you the most options for your landscape or interior.

When it comes to creating a royal landscape, look no further than our excellent range of date palms. The Medjool Date Palm is a hardy, drought resistant date palm that can grow up to 80 ft at full maturity. Popularized in the Middle East for its delicious dates, the majestic Medjool makes an excellent centerpiece for your lawn or landscaping project. A Quality Palm offers excellent field grown Medjool Palms in an excellent variety of sizes.

These are just a few examples of the wholesale palm trees you'll find at A Quality Plant. Not only will you be impressed with our variety and selections, we also offer our expertise. Not all palm trees are the same when it comes to weather resistance and maintenance. At A Quality Plant, we'll make sure you know which palms are right for your environment and landscaping needs.

Now that you're ready to purchase wholesale palm trees, browse our online catalog for live specimens. Our website makes online ordering easy, fast and convenient. Once you've purchased the wholesale palms you desire, A Quality Plant offers only the best delivery options for your new palms. We are capable of shipping our wholesale palms throughout Florida and the southeast United States, and beyond, as we have shipping palms as far as Ontario, Canada and Vancouver, Washington.

If you live in Florida, A Quality Plant also offers our excellent landscaping services, making A Quality Plant your one stop online shop for quality wholesale palm trees. If you're looking for the full palm tree experience, from online purchase to delivery to installation, let A Quality Plant take care of it, contact us today!