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Wholesale Silver Date Palms

When you are planning a dream home, landscaping is definitely one of the top considerations that come to your mind. While there are many components which improve the picturesque of your property, trees impart liveliness to the household. It makes the house essentially your home. Just imagine how incomplete your landscape would look without trees!

Why Choose Silver Date Palms?

Planting ornamental palm trees adds a scenic beauty to your garden. You can choose Phoenix sylvestris or silver date palm that grows natively in Southern Pakistan and India. Since this species has a diverse habitat; it can thrive in plains as well as coastal areas. It can even grow in low-lying wastelands and scrub forests. This ornate tree can increase the scenic beauty of your property manifold.

Silver Date Palm Fruit

Phoenix sylvestris or silver date palm not only has an ornamental value but the fruit can also be used to make wine and jelly. Sap from this tree has been used to make jaggery for many years in Asia. So you can also include in these fun activities at home with your children. Buying wholesale Silver date palms is an excellent idea as these palms will be a treat to watch on a Sunday afternoon lying on your pool side sipping a glass of wine probably made from its very fruit.

Thinking of buying it and don’t know where? You can buy it online in the United States. Visit our website and buy wholesale Silver date palms or wholesale Sylvester palm trees for your house so that as you plant these authentic trees and enhance the landscape of your property, you can also be enjoying the ready-made juice from its delectable palms.

We always advise buying wholesale Sylvester palm trees from a reliable source like us because some of the species sold in the United States are hybrids and do not have the same ornamental value. We sell wholesale Silver date palms at affordable prices ranging from $300 to $1200 depending on the width of the trunk and the superiority.

Buying the trees from us gives you an opportunity to experience our first class facilities. We are reputed and have been in business for years. We deliver what you order right at your doorsteps with no extra delivery charges. We give you a care manual along with the trees so that they grow healthy and fast ensuring a pleasing landscape to your home. And all you need to do in order to get these elegant palm trees with dense crown and beautifully curving, grayish plumose leaves is give us a call. Or better yet, you can visit our website and choose among the various tree trunk width options ranging from 4 inch to 12 inch and decide which one suits your property and pocket better.