We are a wholesale Tree Farm and Nursery. Pricing may vary based on quantity ordered & availability.

Wholesale Plants at A Quality Plant

The benefits of buying from A Quality Plant

We supply the healthiest and quality palms to our customers throughout the year. The regimes such as regular fertilization, a lot of sunlight, and ample rain and automated irrigation systems schedules enable us to raise quality wholesale plants with the best canopy and caliper.

We supply a wide variety of palm trees. Currently, we are growing over twenty different species of palm. You have a wide range to choose from. We grow both the cold- hardy and the tropical types of palms.

In severe weather, our team of skilled and professionals is always prepared to battle less than ideal conditions. Such weather elements as high winds, extremely low temperatures during the cold nights poses a threat but not to our plants.

We supply wholesale plants at affordable rates.

We safely deliver the ordered palm tree plants right to your job site. Our team of loaders has developed the tactics to prevent any possible damage to the tree trunks. These strategies include unloading and loading the multi trees and large triple palm trees to ensure even distribution of the weight on the canes. Even distribution of the weight prevents the devastating effects on the tree.

Customer service is our topmost priority. Our customer service representatives are attentive and ready to serve you. 

Our long years of experience in the industry has enabled us to raise and deliver nothing but quality palms to our customers.

The palm tree species raised at A Quality Plant

The species of palm trees we raise on our farm include

Alexander palm (Ptychosterma elegans)

Alexander is a native of Australia and thrives in growing zones of 10B to 11. It is a moderately growing palm and enjoys growing in narrow spaces.

Adonidia Plam (Adonidia merrillii)

Adonidia is a versatile palm. It is mostly raised and sold either as triple, single, or double formations. It is a classic palm that is cultivated in multi and quad formations.

Bottle Palm (Hyophorbe lagenicaulis)

Bottle palm is native to the Mascarenes, Madagascar

Canary (Phoenix canariensis)

Canary palms are slow- growing and the most widely used landscape palms.

Caranday Palm (Copernicia alba)

Caranday is rare and not widely known. It originates from South America from Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil.

Other palm trees raised on our farm include Triangle, Thatch, Windmill, Washingtonia, Sabal, Royal, Ribbon, Roebenelenii, Sylvestris, Silver Bismarckia, Nitida, Mule, Paurotis, Queen, Pindo, Montgomery, Lady, King Alexander, Reclinata, Foxtail, Areca, among others.