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Wholesale Palm Trees Wesley Chapel, Florida

Palm trees are not just your beach tree where you laze under for tanning and relaxing – they are so much more than that. In the Mesopotamian era, palm trees are used for food and other purposes. Romans regard palm tree branches as asymbol of triumph for the triumphant warriors of games and war.  

There are over 2,500 species of palm trees. The most common is the Arecaceae family of plants. They have a diverse species from the desert to the rainforest. There are so many things that we can benefit from from these amazing trees, why not consider having one in your own backyard? If you wish to make palm trees an addition to your wonderful plant and trees collection, you can trust us at A Quality Plant to provide the best Wholesale Palm Tree in Wesley Chapel, Florida that you would want. Check these amazing species we have available: 

  1. Areca Palm 8-10 Overall Height – World’s most popular Hedging Palms, these are also known as Golden Canes. 
  2. Bismarck Palm 14-16’ Overall Height – This magnificent palm tree has a full crown which boasts as it stand up. 
  3. Sago Palm / Cyas Revoluta 7 Gallon – extremely popular and is a highly ornamental cycad that originated from the Japanese Ryukyu Islands. 
  4. Washington Palm / Washington Robusta – slimmer of the species of Washingtonia, this plant is considered to be less cold tolerant. 
  5. Canary Island Date Palm / Pineapple Palm / Phoenix Sylvesteris 6’ Clear Trunk – One of the most popular landscape palm, this stout plant is mostly seen on tropical landscapes. 
  6. Medjool Palm / True Date Palm / Phoenix Dactylifera 12’ Clear Trunk – best for backyards in a regular home

These among many others are most of the palm trees we offer for landscaping. Our company aims to provide the best services when it comes to your landscaping needs, as we offer the best among the best of wholesale palm trees in Wesley Chapel, Florida. We are known for our over the top landscaping services, and you can trust that our team will match the things you are looking for in landscaping and palm trees. Over the years, we have serviced other areas in Florida like Saint Petersburg, Brandon, Clearwater, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Pensacola, Ruskin, Miami, Gainesville, and now Wesley Chapel. We love to have your home the best it can be, trust the ones that more people have been calling to for help, get the bestdeal, and see for yourself.