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Wholesale Palm Trees for Savannah Georgia

Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia was founded in 1733 on the banks of the Savannah river. The city is famous for its historical monuments and parks. The cost of housing in Savannah is lower than the rest of Georgia, so new properties are being developed. The landscaping companies who require palms for the Savannah properties which they landscape or maintain as well other property developers require Wholesale Palm Trees Savannah Georgia at reasonable rates. A Quality Plant is one of the most trusted nurseries and farms for supplying field grown, specimen and potted palms wholesale in Savannah, Georgia

Being located in southern part of Georgia close to the coast, Savannah has warm weather for most parts of the year except in winter, where the temperature may fall below the freezing point. We help our wholesale customers choose the right palms which will suit the Savannah climate and the location where they are planted. The Mexican fan palm or Washington Robusta is used extensively for lining the streets and in other areas where a fast growing palm is required. In addition to being inexpensive, the other major advantage of growing this palm is that it is easy to transplant, will survive in most soil conditions and requires less maintenance. The Queen palm and the Sabal palm are also used for lining streets, though the rate of growth will differ for each palm.

The Chinese fan palm and date palms can also be grown in Savannah. Those who require a specimen palm for a property can purchase the Canary Island date palm which is large in size and requires more free space around it. The areca palm is used for hedging and is affordably priced. Often landscaping companies find that one or more palms has died due to disease, or was uprooted during a thunderstorm. This can affect the appearance of the park or other landscaped property. Hence we are stocking palms of different sizes and varieties, so that it is easy for our clients to get a replacement for any palm which they have lost. We carefully inspect all the palms to ensure that they are of the highest quality, before dispatching them to our customers. Landscaping companies and other Savannah developers requiring palms for properties can contact us on phone or email.