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Wholesale Palm Tree Nursery Bradenton, Florida

In Florida, palm trees can be seen everywhere. From streets, beaches to resorts, shopping malls and near swimming pools. There are 2500+ palm tree species in the world. Most palm tree species can grow in subtropical and tropical climates and since Florida is subtropical! Many of these tree species can grow in Florida. If you're looking for wholesale palm tree nursery Bradenton, Florida, contact A Quality Plant. We are a premium wholesale palm tree company with years of experience growing palms.

Some of the most popular palm tree types in Florida include Areca palm, Dioon edule, Sago palm, Canary Island date palm, Bismarck, Silversater palm, Washington, Medjool palm or True Date palm, and many more. All the mentioned palm tree types are available at our farm. We sell palm trees to commercial landscapers and builders around the United States.

With so many different types of palm trees, it is easy to be lost for choice. But do not be disheartened, below are a few tips to help you pick a palm tree or trees that best suit your needs, climate, and landscape. At A Quality Plant, we offer you Wholesale Palm Tree Nursery Bradenton, Florida.

It is important that you decide on the purpose of your palm trees before purchase. Do you want shade at the swimming pool area? Perhaps you want the palm to be a focal point in the front yard? It could be that you want to use the palm trees as fencing? Determining the purpose can help you narrow down a choice.

As mentioned before, most palm trees can grow in the tropics and subtropics. So for those who live in Florida and other states with favorable climates, this would not be a big issue. However, there are palms that can tolerate the cold down to -20F. Before you make a selection, understand your climate and the kind of palms that would suit it best.

Now, this factor is in close connection with the purpose of a palm tree. There are single trunk and multi-truck palms. Single trunk palm trees are great for planting along a driveway or for focal point. On the other hand, multi-trunk palm trees are perfect for fencing.

Because different palm trees have different leaf formation. Each palm tree will have a distinct aesthetic effect on a landscape or property. Leaf formation can be pinnate (feather-shaped) or palmate (fan-shaped). The Bismarck palm - which is very popular in Florida - has fan-shaped leaves. It is great for focal point and is known to give landscapes a dramatic effect. The perfect example of a feather-shaped palm is the Queen palm. It is desired for its elegance and is inexpensive and low maintenance.