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Wholesale Palm Tree Nursery

Palm trees are made up of a broad range of plants of the plamae family; it is easy for one to spot a palm tree because the trees have a unique unbranched trunk. The palm tree leaves classified as pinnate or palmate; thus, it depends on the palm type and its place of origin. There are different kinds of palm trees that one can get from palm trees wholesale distributor, also, some of these species one can get in wholesale palm tree nursery and here are examples.

Adonidia palm tree 

The palm tree has an overall height that ranges from fifteen inches to twenty-five inches. Also, the palm tree is grown as a single, double or triple formation. The palm tree is used to decorate well-lit interior spaces and outdoor landscape; its original home is the Philippines, the palm tree has fruits that blossom corresponding with ever popular Christmas holiday for which it has its common name Christmas palm. 

Alexander palm tree

The palm tree has an overall height ranging from twenty inches to twenty-five inches; the palm tree is a native of Australia ,due to its slender trunk the palm tree enjoys growing in narrow spaces. Its trunk is grayish in color and has leaf scars that mark the length of the trunk, Alexander palm tree has a wider base and can grow to its overall height while staying slim, it thrives well in areas free from cold and dry winds. 

Bottle palm tree 

The bottle palm tree is a palm tree that one can also get it from Wholesale Palm Tree Nursery; the tree is natives to the Mascarenes. These are islands off the coast of Madagascar; it has a swollen trunk and is of short height. Also, the tree thrives well in drained soils like those in a beach environment, the palm tree requires plenty of water, and can withstand dry winter period, the tree does well in warm climates and is tolerant to salt. 

Canary palm tree 

The Canary palm tree used as a landscape specimen palm in the south-east of California. Also, the tree has a bold appearance and is extremely hard. It is relatively tolerant of cold climate, the palm tree known for its massive stately caliper and a crown shaft must be manicure constantly for its look able to be exposed. 

In conclusion, the above are just a few examples of palm trees that one can find in palm tree wholesale distributor, some of these species one can find them in Wholesale Palm Tree Nursery and for more information do visit aqualityplant.com.