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Wholesale Palm Nurseries

We specialize in raising and sourcing the finest palms in the world and in the whole of the US.

We offer a broad range of palm trees with varied textures, colors, shapes, and heights. We are currently raising nearly forty different varieties of palm trees.

Our delivery systems are efficient and instant.

We use advanced equipment in raising and shipping the palms to ensure high quality and healthy palms

We offer incomparable customer service. The customers are our number one priority.

Our current and prospective customers are welcome to stroll through our beautiful wholesale palm nurseriesc to have a look at our spectacular plants and plantations.

We supply both cold- hardy and tropical palm trees to all categories of buyers for residential and commercial purposes.

Our long years of experience in the industry has given us an edge in raising quality palms and we understand our customers’ preferences.

How to select the palm trees

The basic factors to consider when selecting palm trees for a given landscape include

The size of the palm at maturity

Consider the eventual growth height. Varieties vary in their rate of growth and their eventual height. Some grow pretty fast while some take quite a long time. Considering this factor is important to prevent the trees from overpowering the landscape, threatening the nearby structures, or even interfering with the electricity and telephone lines.

Many varieties of palm trees thrive under full sun. However, some prefer the conditions that are shady. It is, therefore, important to plant a given variety in its suitable conditions for it to blossom.


Most varieties of palm trees do not thrive in cold condition. Even a short period of frost weakens them making them vulnerable to disease and insects. Our experts will provide information on the suitable ecological conditions for each palm tree variety.


The palms do well in well- drained and light soils. Palms will not thrive in compacted soils since they have fewer air spaces. Sandy soils will offer suitable environmental conditions for their spreading roots


Water requirements differs with the palm variety. Newly transplanted seedlings of palm will require frequent watering to enable them to acclimatize. Each of the newly transplant should be provided with its own water source i.e. two to three gallon/ Minute bubblers. Generally, the palms require more water during hot weather and relatively less in cold weather.


Upon transplanting the palm seedlings, use a quality inocculant that contains the beneficial endomycorrhizal fungi to enable an ideal environment for the plant to grow actively and absorb the nutrients and water from the soil. A Quality Plant is there to help on creating the perfect package of palm plants for your landscape depending on your plan.