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Tropical Landscape Palms From A Quality Plant

Why Buy Palm Trees from A Quality Plant 

A Quality Plant is a firm that specializes in sourcing and raising the highest quality palms in the world and in the whole of the US. 

We supply a broad range of healthy and quality tropical landscape palms to wholesale buyers, landscapers, and landscape architects for both commercial and residential landscaping at affordable rates.

Our delivery system is instant and effective. Simply schedule a pick and we will deliver right to your jobsite.

We employ advanced and latest technology in raising and shipping the palm trees.

Our experts offer advice on the suitable growing zones for each palm variety and the suitable landscaping

Our customer service is incomparable. We value our customers and they are our top priority.

Tropical landscape palm at A Quality Plant

We specialize in a broad range of wholesale tropical landscape palm varieties. They include 

Alexander Palm (Ptychosterma elegans)

Alexander is a native of Australia and thrives in the growing zones of 10B to 11. It is a moderately growing palm that prefers narrow spaces.

Adonidia Palm (Adonidia merrillii)

Adonidia is a versatile palm that is cultivated in multi and quad formations. It is mostly raised and sold as a triple, double, or single formation.

Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens)

Areca does well in growing zones 10A to 11. It has a moderate growth rate and a moderate salt tolerance. Areca originates from Madagascar and has a high tolerance to drought conditions. It grows to an eventual typical height of 20’ OA.

Bottle Palm (Hyophorbe lagenicaulis)

Bottle is native to Mascarenes, Madagascar. The palm thrives in growing zone 10B to 11 and has a slow rate of growth. Bottle has a moderate tolerance to drought conditions and salt tolerance as well. It grows to an eventual typical height of 12’ OA.

Canary Palm (Phoenix canariensis)

Canaries thrive in growing zones 9A to 11 and have a slow growth rate. They are native to the Canary Islands. They have a moderate tolerance to both drought and salty conditions. The canaries grow to an eventual typical height of 40’ OA.

Caranday Palm (Copernicia alba)

Caranday does well in growing zones 9 to 11 and has aslow to moderate rate of growth. It is native to South America i.e. Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay. Caranday has a moderate tolerance to salt as well as drought conditions. It grows to an eventual typical height of 30’ OA. Caranday palm is not well known in palm cultivation and is usually considered a rare variety.

Other tropical landscape palm varieties grown in our farm include

Chinese Fan Palm, Coconut- green Malayan, King Alexander, Lady, Montgomery, Coconut Maypan, Dwarf Sugar, European Fan, Fishtail, and Foxtail among others.