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Saint Augustine Florida Wholesale Palm Trees

Palm trees are the symbol of a tropical paradise, reminiscent of luxurious beauty and it is emerging that their history is intertwined with our own. Interestingly, not all palms are trees and not all plants called palms are true to their name. They can grow as shrubs, vines, and trees with palmate and pinnate leaves. Palm trees are a source of staples like coconut, dates acai and betel nuts. Oil, rope, roofing material are a handful of the thousands of uses for palms. There are thousands of interesting facts about the palm trees, which is why to sell only high-quality wholesale palm trees.

A Quality Plant Florida wholesale palms supply many varieties of the palm including trees like a live oak-palm. There are thousands of palm tree species with many living in warm temperate and subtropical climates.

With so many types available, making a choice can be overwhelming. A Quality Palm is here to help you make an informed decision. Browse our gallery of palm trees for inspiration and facts. You will emerge more knowledgeable and ready to incorporate these beauties to your landscaping business.

Saint Augustine Florida Wholesale Palm TreesSaint Augustine, Foxtail palm

This is an Australia native boasting one of the best foliage displays among its kind. Foxtail palm is a fast-growing tree needs protection from frost.

Christmas palm

It is named for the clusters of berries that grow near its fronds each December. Also known as Adonidia, the Christmas palm has a smooth slender trunk. It is an excellent addition to your landscaping but doesn’t hesitate to plant one indoors.

Pygmy date palm

As the name suggests, this is a slow growing palm but a popular landscaping choice in Florida. Pygmy date palm is a graceful tree does well in sun and some shade not forgetting its ability to tolerate cold.

In addition, A Quality Plant offers exceptional landscape palms throughout Florida. We do not discriminate; whether you are a landscaper or property owner Saint Augustine Florida Wholesale Palms provides the best experience. When you buy from us, we ensure that you reach the peak of your landscape design. Florida Wholesale Palms has clear policies to ensure that your large quantity of trees arrives in good condition. Apart from Florida, we supply palm trees all over the United States and North America.