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Roebelenii Palm Trees For Sale

Phoenix Roebelenii is the scientific name for a type of dwarf palm tree native to southern China. It's also known as the Pygmy Date Palm or Miniature Date. Because it doesn't grow very tall( usually 10 feet and below) it's commonly grown for decoration purposes. It can be grown both outdoors and indoors, in gardens or containers.

The Roebelenii Palm is popular in America where its grown in parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and homes. You will often find it grown in entryways and small gardens. It's a beautiful palm whose bright green leaves that look like feathers gracefully spread up to 4 feet in length. It's single trunked and is usually grown in clumps of 2-6 heads. Planted this way, the trunks curve a little outwards, creating a lovely arrangement.

The tree can survive temperatures of as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. It can, therefore, do well in Arizona, California Alabama Georgia Arkansas Texas Oregon Nevada Florida Louisiana Georgia and Mississippi.

The Pygmy Date also comfortably grows in areas with minimal rain. It survives in almost any type of soil, but a moist soil with good drainage would be perfect. To improve its growth, you would need to apply palm fertilizer two to four times a year, depending on the soil's nutrient availability. The palm grows well in full Sun, but shade doesn't harm it either, whether full or partial. Indoor Pygmy Palms still do well, just like the outdoor ones.

Caring for the Roebelenii Palm is fairly easy. You need to prune it regularly to maintain its shape. The trunk does not self-clean and removing old leaves manually is necessary to keep its beauty. Care should be taken not to prune it too much, as it can cause a retardation in growth or even death of the tree.

After germination, the young palms need protection from the sun until they reach a stage where they can withstand it. The seedlings need daily watering, usually in the early morning and late afternoon hours. Fertilizer shouldn't be applied; not until they are at least three months old. And even then, care should be taken to avoid putting the fertilizer too close to the trunk and damaging it.

Watering can be done when conditions are too dry, and the soil has no water left to sustain the tree. But you need to do it in moderation as too much water may end up damaging the roots and the leaves.

The Roebelenii palm is not easily attacked by pests and diseases, and pesticides may not be needed- you will rarely have to deal with any menace for the entire growth period. It produces long-stalked flower(one foot in length) that look soft and beautiful. The flowers develop into elliptical fruits that appear in clusters of about ten individual dates. On ripening, the fruits turn reddish-brown or purple,and are edible.

Species of the Roebelenii Palm vary according to the height maximum growth reached when mature. For indoor decoration purposes, varieties growing up to between four and six feet would be ideal. For outdoor growing, taller species going up to ten feet in height would be ideal.