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Wholesale Canary Island Date Palm / Phoenix canariensis Palms

All across the southeastern United States, Canary Island Date palms, scientific name Phoenix canariensis, grow along roadways, in yards, and around public buildings as well. Florida, Louisiana, Texas, California and other southern states enjoy the look of these stately palm trees.

Although shorter specimens are just as impressive, nothing shows off the majesty of a palm more than a 50 to 60 foot Canary Island Date variety. The thick trunk swells into a pineapple textured crown shaft. This does require some maintenance and regular trimming for the best appearance. The fronds of the large crown explode outward in a firework-shaped display that is sure to attract attention.

Besides the impressive appearance of these palms, the fact that they are hearty enough for planting in zone 9a makes them a popular choice. They can handle both occasional freezing temperatures and considerable drought.

Canary Island Date palms require crown trimming as described above and a rather rigorous schedule of fertilization if  you want the tree to show its best. Deficiencies can be remedied quickly once the palm is planted in well-drained soil.

As the name of this tree variety implies, the stately palms originally grow in the Canary Islands in Spain. However, this moniker has nothing to do with the sweet yellow canary birds that may fly and roost there.

The name comes from the latin phrase "islas canarias," which means "island of dogs." Instead of a preponderance of signing birds, the first to set foot on the islands met a colony of large dogs instead. Some people refute that origin for the name and instead say it has to do with the monk seals who used to bask on the beaches there before going extinct. Their scientific name is Canis marinus. The ancient Romans who landed on the islands many centuries ago may have named the islands after these dogs of the sea.

No matter what the origin, the Canary Island Date palm's name is well known in the south as a hearty, highly impressive palm tree you will love to have in  your yard or landscape scheme.