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Panama City, Florida - Wholesale Palm Trees

If you are looking for exquisite palm trees to decorate your land, then we would suggest our products be one of the best choices for you. We are an authenticated dealer of wholesale palm trees Panama City, Florida. Although based in the city we extend our services and delivery to several places in the United States. It might be intriguing for the customers to ponder upon the services provided by us, especially in a place where tropical greeneries thrive. The range of products from container palms, field grown palms, cycads to tropical foliage is vast. Therefore, let us have a look at the products that we deal with.

Areca Palms

Areca Palm has always been considered as a popular indoor plant all over the world. This mid-sized palm is characterized by its green slender trunk, dense clustering, yellow crown shafts and V-shaped, recurving leaves supported on yellow leafstalks. This plant can also be grown as an outdoor decoration and has been quite popular amongst people looking for wholesale palm trees in Florida.

Sago Palms

This particular palm is a cycad that is native to the Ryukyu Island in Japan. It is an extremely hardy plant that can adapt to a wide range of climatic condition from tropical to temperate. This plant is mostly used for its extreme beauty and ornamental look and has been a must-have choice amongst people looking for wholesale palm trees.

Bottle Palms

The name comes from the unique bottle-like shape of the plant accompanied by the exquisite maroon crown-shaft. It is a slow growing plant adapted to the tropical conditions and is best grown in a container. The plant is endemic to a small Madagascar island and is, therefore, sensitive to cold, being unable to withstand temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. You might find on the internet that the plant reaches a maximum height of 10-12 feet; however, since it is container-grown, it takes years to reach that height.

Ginger Palms

Ginger is one of the tropical foliages dealt by us that come with health, beauty, and aesthetic appeal. During the flowering season, the plant produces clusters of pink and white flower buds which later on bloom to produce yellow flowers. Ginger is a perennial plant with annual leafy stems that can grow up to a height of 3-4 feet.

Why choose us?

After looking into some of the exquisite products provided by us, you must be pondering on why you should choose us. You must be having vast stretches of land and you do not have plans to use it fully for your construction project. Will it look nice to keep it barren? It is better to decorate these empty stretches with awesome palm trees and we can assure you that we will provide you with the best quality trees for your purpose. When you talk about wholesale palm trees Panama City, Florida, we boast of having the best nursery and plant bank. Once you get associated with the products provided by us, you will certainly feel to confine your options to our products and will always cater to it whenever you will need it. Therefore, feel free to contact us and we assure you of the best possible services for you.