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Palm Trees Wholesaler In Athens, Georgia

The city of Athens in Georgia is officially called Athens-Clarke county and is a combination of a county and city. The University of Georgia , the main public university of Georgia is located in this college town. In addition to the large university campus, the city is also famous for its botanical gardens, parks and historical places. Landscaping companies involved in the maintenance of property, developing new properties and property developers require Athens Georgia Palm Trees Wholesale since palms are used extensively in Athens. A Quality Plant can supply different varieties of palms to wholesale customers in Athens, working closely with the customers to ensure that the palms flourish in Athens weather.

Since Athens, Georgia is located north of Florida, during winter temperatures are significantly lower compared to Florida. Hence the palms planted in Athens should be able to survive cold weather conditions, with temperatures below the freezing point for some days during the winter. The Chinese Fan Palm, Mexican Fan Palm , Queen palm and Sabal palm are some of the palms which will flourish in Athens. At some locations in Athens the Pindo jelly palm is also growing well. Alternately container palms like the Bismarck palm can be used for landscaping properties. During winter when temperatures are very low, these palms can be kept indoors, where there is adequate heating.

Our experienced staff will help wholesale buyers choose the right palms for their property based on the landscaping requirement and soil conditions. The Queen palm and Mexican-fan palm are fast growing and are used extensively for lining the streets and pathways. Most palms will require regular watering and more care when they are young. During winter, especially during snowfall, it is advisable to cover the palms if possible to prevent damage. We supply palms of all sizes to our customers based on their requirement. Though smaller palms are inexpensive and easier to transplant, transport, in some cases larger palms are required to replace dead or uprooted palms. We pack all the palms properly before dispatching them to our customers so that the plants are not damaged during transit.