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Florida wholesale palm trees direct

Palm trees are common around places like sunny areas, vocational areas, white beaches, and relaxed lifestyle zones. Most of the beautiful palm trees are found in Florida. They are majorly used in landscaping; in shopping malls, along the roads, swimming pools, streets, and botanical gardens, among other uses.

Palm Trees DirectPalm trees are in vast varieties, to over 2500 species around the world and nearly all of these are found in Florida. Firstly, palm trees can be grouped to different types basing on their types of trunks, growth rate, cold tolerance, and leaf structure, and size and secondly based on their leaf color, drought tolerance, and fruit and flowers it produces.

If you need to choose a palm tree, it is essential to define the purpose first. Different Palm trees will fit different goals, for instance, for fencing purposes, the multi-trunk palm tree will be appropriate while a single trunk is appropriate for focal points. Bismark palm tree is the most known in Florida because of its aesthetic and dramatic value. It is fan-shaped and used in Florida for a focal point.

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