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Wholesale Landscape Palms For Palm Harbor, Florida

Palm trees happen to be associated with white beaches, the sun, relaxed lifestyle and leisure but in Palm Harbor, Florida, palm trees are associated with a brand name, a sense of unique style. This is because the exquisiteness of palm trees can be seen throughout Palm Harbor, from its botanical garden and coasts to resorts and shopping malls.

When looking to buy wholesale palm trees in Palm Harbor, Florida, there are several reasons to make the purchase from a wholesale distributor like A Quality Plant.This is because we understand that nothing says Palm Harbor like a yard covered with palm trees.

When making a purchase from a distributor like us, we are happy to inform you about the various types of palm trees available in the market and what are the benefits of each.

A very dramatic and tropical looking palm tree, the Washington palm is also known as  happens to be the tallest growing tree of its kind as its height can range from 40 to 60 feet. Moreover due to its standout feature of scales which protrude out of its trunk, it is most sought after by industrialists who do the business of growing wholesale palm trees in Palm Harbor, Florida. The palm tree, however, is cold hardy which means that it is very tolerant to cold weather.

Another wholesale palm tree that we agree is widely preferred and easily adapts to various environmental conditions is known as Dioon Edule. It has its origins from the eastern coasts of Mexico. Moreover, there palm trees are also known as the oldest species of palm trees because Dioon Edule has the oldest seeds which date back to the stone age. This type of palm tree exhibits environment friendly characteristics and possess a striking appearance which is well liked by many. Moreover, the Dioon Edule is often found as the centerpiece of many tropical landscapes around Palm Harbor.

Moreover, the specimen palms which we offer, at A Quality Plant happen to be among the best palm trees you can purchase throughout Palm Harbor. One of these trees is the Pineapple Palm; this palm tree stands out from the crowd because of its exotic look. This landscape palm tree happens to be seen throughout Palm Harbor, Florida because of its dramatic and exotic look. This palm tree like many other trees of its kind grows slowly while it is in initial stages but adapts to the environment in which it is grown at a fast pace.

A Quality Plant happens to be one of the best distributors of wholesale palm trees in Palm Harbor, Florida. This is because we, at A Quality Plant, tend to put the needs and choices of our customers first. We take immense pride in delivering palm trees to our customers in excellent condition and on time. The main benefit of purchasing palm trees directly from a distributor, like A Quality Plant, is that you can have the satisfaction of choosing from a large variety. Moreover, we provide our services not only in Palm Harbor but also throughout Florida in various locations. So you can visit us in Palm Harbor, Florida and choose from the best variety of palm trees yourself.