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Orlando, Florida Landscape Supply

When people think about Florida and the tropical climates, the image that comes to mind first is usually palm trees.

Beautiful cities like Orlando, Clearwater, and Tampa feature landscaping flush with towering palm trees. Those unique, beautiful trees tflow back and forth in the ocean breeze as if they were also on vacation. I see them and can’t help but think that other trees are jealous of them. Full and lush, green and strong, they have a relaxing vibe about them but can also withstand the most punishing weather on the planet. The palm tree is truly a wonder of nature and fortunately for the public you can add them to your landscaping with wholesale palm tree sellers in Orlando, Florida and many other cities across the state. 

 At A Quality Plant, we have everything you need to turn your landscape home into a tropical paradise. 

A Quality Plant is a palm tree nursery dedicated to raising palm trees in their natural state and cultivating them for our clients. With a convenient location in Ruskin, Florida, A Quality Plant is able to service many cities such as Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Miami. There are many different types of palm trees to choose from and each one is unique with it’s own personality and look. The good thing about being a wholesaler dealing in palm trees is that A Quality Plant can buy large quantities of different trees and sell them at lower prices than those dealing in smaller quantities. We can also install your trees for you for the most professional appearance and craftsmanship possible. 

 Just because we are a premier palm tree wholesaler doesn’t mean we stop at that. In our online catalog, you'll found various other types of foliage and landscaping as well. We deal with large oak trees, and also tropical foliage to help brighten up your outdoor project. The versatility and variety of options is really what is stunning. Any lawn benefits from some nice strong palm trees, but at A Quality Plant, the possibilities are almost endless. Different trees offer much needed shade from the hot Florida sun, and others add wondrous curb appeal to show off your home.

Container palms like the wonderful Areca palm, are just one type offered. They are grown in plastic containers and are easily transported and planted.

There are also many varieties of field grown palms, such as the Medjool Date Palm, or the iconic Sabal Palm.   Our beautiful specimens trees are a true wonder of the plant world. Only a handful of the palm trees reach this status and they are perfect in symmetry and color. They are a real statement piece for any lawn and garden and the installers at A Quality Plant are there to ensure yours goes in perfectly.

So if you are a resident of Orlando, Ruskin, Miami, or any of the other nearby cities in Florida, and are out there hunting for wholesale palm tree dealers, look no further than A Quality Plant. Truly a cut above the rest.