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Orlando Florida Sago Palms

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At A Quality Plant, we specialize in palm trees. Not only do we raise the best Florida palm trees right in our very own nursery, but we're also Florida's top wholesale palm tree distributor. High-quality palm trees are our passion.

The sago palm (Cycas revoluta) is an absolutely stunning palm tree that is easy to care for and fits well into any tropical landscaping project.

About the Sago Palm

Sago palm trees are known for their beautifully light and feathery foliage. Orlando Florida Sago Palms have shiny, vibrant green fronds that shine brilliantly in the sun.

They're also easy to care for because they are a cycad (not a true palm). Sago palms actually date back to the prehistoric era in tropical and subtropical regions, which is why they're so hardy and well-adapted. They are drought-tolerant too, which is why they're so popular amongst landscapers and homeowners alike. Sago Palms can remarkably live for hundreds of years with no human intervention needed.

Sago Palms grow anywhere from three to twenty feet tall and two to twelve feet wide, depending on how well they're cared for and how old they are. Their growth rate is prolonged, so they don't require any trimming or maintenance for decades at a time. Orlando Florida Sago Palms are ideal for containers, planting near homes, and front yard curb appeal.

Obviously, Orlando Florida Sago Palms grow best in USDA zones 8-11. Sago Palms thrive in warm, humid environments. They can tolerate dips into cooler temperatures. However, it is advised that they never reach 20ºF temperatures.

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