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Medjool Date Palms for Florida

Many property owners want to grow palms which will grow well in desert like conditions and also have edible fruits. The Medjool date palm, scientific name Phoenix dactylifera is one of most popular palms and grows well in the southern states of United States, especially California and Florida. The Medjool palm is widely used for lining the streets, pathways and other landscaping applications to give the property a tropical look. So property developers, landscapers and others require a reliable nursery specializing in Medjool Date Palm Florida. A Quality Plant is the top rated Florida farm specializing in Medjool and other date palms.

The Medjool palm is originally from the Middle East and North Africa especially Morrocco which mostly have a desert like weather, with some rain during winter, and high temperatures during summer.The palm is grown from cuttings and will usually grow at the rate of approximately one feet one year. In some nurseries or by applying proper nitrogen fertilizer,the growth can be increased to three feet annually. There are male and female date palms,and only the female will bear fruit. Usually the palm will start yield to fruit after three years or more. Though the palm can life to the age of two hundred years, the yield will decrease after the palm is more than 35 years. So farmers who are growing the palms for dates, may sell the older palms.

Though the palms can grow to a height of more than one hundred feet, most of date palms found are of height between sixty and eighty feet. The price of a date palm depends on the size of the palm, with taller palms costing more at $ 3800 for a palm with 12 feet trunk. The palm has large fronds of size up to fifteen feet long and two feet wide which remain for more than three years. Hence the spread of the palm could be between thirty and fifty feet. So while planting the palms there should be at least fifty feet space between palms, so that there is no problem later. The palm may not bear fruit if the soil and weather conditions are not suitable. The soil where the date palm is grown should be well drained, with sand preferred. We have medjool palms available in different sizes for satisfying the customer, the availability and prices of the palms may vary.