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Wholesale Palm Trees For Sale In Phoenix, Arizona

Wholesale Palm Trees For Phoenix, Arizona Landscaping

A Quality Plant are, palm tree growers operating a full-service, wholesale nursery who service Phoenix, Arizona and North America. We specialize in offering high-quality palm trees. Palm Trees are beautiful and few other symbols conjure up such magic as the instantly recognizable image outline of a palm. Palms are common in Arizona and many other states. The diverse localities use Palms and tropical plants in order to make beautiful custom landscapes. For several years, we have been known as the go-to source for specimen palms and trees, currently growing more than 150 species of palms, cycads, flowering as well as native trees. Over the span of those years, a number of palms and trees have been introduced and have now become industry standards. We are known to thrive on the discovery and introduction of new, striking, and aesthetically pleasing plants. We believe beautiful, healthy plants can greatly add to quality of life.

Phoenix, Arizona Wholesale Palm Trees For Sale

We strive to search for and employ the latest technology and techniques in order to most efficiently grow the healthiest plants. Initially we trial these new palm plants in our own gardens or in the gardens of our clients (often under different climates and exposures) to determine the suitability and resilience for the landscapes where they'll make their home. We are familiar with our material, and understand what works where, and are glad to share our experiences so that our customers will be successful in their landscaping endeavors. Currently we carry palms in flats of color packs and 4” pots plus sizes that range from 7 gallon, 15 gallon, 25 gallon and up, including large field grown B & B (balled & burlapped). We also help you in undertaking tree installation which begins with the choosing of the palms which would work best for your budget and your landscape. There're thousands of diverse kinds of palms from small to large, but the most popular palm tree are the ones we focus on. Just as most of the most respected landscape experts specify plants from our nursery, we can assist you to create your unique palm tree tropical garden. Take some time to browse through our web site where you'll find up-to-date info and pictures of our inventory, alongside monthly specials of our wholesale palm trees available to Phoenix, Arizona.