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Wholesale Palm Trees For Sale In Charlotte, North Carolina

Wholesale Palm Trees For Sale For Charlotte, North Carolina Landscaping

For anyone looking for high quality palm trees in Charlotte, North Carolina, A Quality Plant, is the place to contact. At A Quality Plant, we specialize in the Wholesale of Palm Trees in Charlotte, North Carolina. The palms trees are grown in at our 200 acre Ruskin, Florida farm, but we ship the palms all around the US and Canada. The Florida grown palm tree nursery and landscape palms are not just limited to Florida. We want everyone in Charlotte, North Carolina to have access to our magnificent palms that are grown with care. At A Quality Palms, we do justice to our name, by delivering high quality wholesale palms throughout the United States. We have a huge selection of palms, such as the Medjool Date Palms, Sago Palms, Washington Palms, Dioon edule, Canary Date Plants, Bismark Palms and Areca Palms and many more. We also provide outstanding landscaping services to convert your spaces into your dream garden.

Not only do we wholesale a wide variety of palm trees, our prices are very affordable, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of palm trees. For example, an Areca palm of 8-10' in height, is sold for only $120. The Areca palm tree, also known as the yellow butterfly palm, is perfect to grow indoors as well as outdoors. It can be easily grown and maintained, making it an excellent choice for your household. Due to the high density of the fine textured fronds of this palm tree, it can act as a beautiful, lush privacy screening and backdrop in home landscapes. The Areca palm tree can be pruned according to your taste. You can leave the thick palm fluffy, all the way to the ground, or you can show more of its trunk by thinning the leaves and branches. Other amazing deals we offer include the pretty Dioon edule for $65, the artistic Washington palm for $105, and the popular stout Canary Date Palm for just $250. The Sylvester palm, also known as the Silver date palm, is one of the rarer palm trees in cultivation. It grows fast and looks absolutely beautiful. The beauty and value it adds to landscapes is immense. It is very easy to grow and is resilient against temperature fluctuations. It is a great choice if you are looking for a hardy and ornamental, low maintenance plant. We sell this rare palm for just $650.

Charlotte, North Carolina Wholesale Palm Trees For Sale

There are many benefits of choosing palm trees for your landscape. They are very easy to maintain. Palm trees do not have leaves to be raked, which means you don't have to waste time raking leaves in your garden. You can just sit back and enjoy its beauty instead. Palm trees also provide an instant landscape. Unlike smaller plants where you need large numbers to fillthe space, with palm trees, it only takes just a few specimens to transform your space into a breathtaking landscape. They are lite feeders, which grow in most soils and can survive most climates. They are also worth a lot of money, increasing the value of your property significantly. Palm trees provide great protection from the sun and rain. They are simply an amazing plant and a great addition to any garden or landscape.