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Gibsonton Palm Tree Dealer

Gibsonton in Hillsborough county, Florida has a significant number of people working in the entertainment sector. They are traveling during the year on work, and return to Florida during winter. Hence many of these home owners in Gibsonton are interested in growing low maintenance plants in their garden, which will survive even if they are not watered daily. Palms extremely popular in Florida since they flourish in weather, and larger plants do not require much watering. So many property owners searching for a Gibsonton Palm Tree Dealer, should contact A Quality Plant, one of the most popular palm suppliers in Florida.

Like Gibsonton, we are also located in Hillborough county of Florida, so the property owner can visit our farm and nursery to have a look at the different palms available. Alternately our staff can visit the commercial or residential premises where the palms will be grown, to check the soil, and location. Then after considering the budget of the customer, we will suggest suitable palms for the area. Typically the price of the palm will depend on how rare it is and the palm trunk length. We can also help in transplanting the palms at the new location and offer free advice on taking proper care of the palm.

Most Gibsonton landscapers, wholesale buyers prefer to purchase their palms from us, since we have one of the largest variety of palms and palm like cycads for landscaping, lining the pathways, roads and other applications. The queen palm, Washington robustia and the sabal palm are some of the more popular palms, and are affordably priced. The queen palm will grow fast and is easy to transplant, making it one of the most popular palms, while the other palms grow more slowly. The Canary island date palm, Bismarck palm are specimen palms which are larger in size, so there should be enough free space around them. The areca palm and the sago palm, which is a cycad are some of the more affordable palms available.