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Wholesale Palm Trees Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers, Florida is home to some of the most eye catching, tropical themed palm tree gardens and landscaping in the United States, is also home to A Quality Plant, the premier wholesale palm trees nursery. We sell high quality wholesale palm trees throughout the entire U.S.

As sellers of top quality wholesale palm trees, we pride ourselves on not just being the best growers of palm trees in Florida, but also the best source of information and gardening partner to our clients. Our achievements came through years of working with our dedicated and knowledgeable team of employees, backed by great clients. 

The best landscaping results with wholesale palm trees is achieved when you have certain essential factors covered. Get your palms from a reputable dealer, know your plants, understand the area being landscaped, and know exactly where to put your palms. 

Landscaping with palms is a science. Whether you’re a professional or a novice, it’s good to start by determining the purpose you want your palms to serve. Do you want your palm to make a dramatic statement or serve as a focal point in your landscape?

Will your palm trees be a centerpiece or serve as a privacy screen for the property? There are ideal palms for every purpose. You may want the palms to offer that tropical effect at a poolside – for that, small container palms are the perfect solution. These are all vital pieces of information to have to ensure you get value for money when you buy wholesale palm trees.

Palms such as pygmy date, Christmas tree, coconut, foxtail, bottle palm and spindle palm are great for group planting when doing a centerpiece. When planted close together, the trunk of these palms will gently arch away from each other and then come back close together at the leaves, leaving you with an effect that brings pleasure to the eyes. The varieties mentioned can be planted together in large containers, so you can have several clusters of attractive palms throughout your landscape. Wholesale palm trees is a dream deal for any landscaper who uses this style in their landscaping project. Our pygmy date and foxtails palms start from as low as $65, our bottle palms from $150, and spindle palms $175, 

At A Quality Plant, we don’t just sell top quality wholesale palms, we provide invaluable information about each specie and the how’s of getting best results with them. One palm may be good for one area, but will not do well in another. Knowledge on the growth and care of your wholesale palm trees is also vital to your project’s success.

Premier guidance, value for money, and quality plants are the benefits you’ll enjoy when you buy landscape palm trees from a wholesale palm tree distributor like A Quality Plant. While Florida and California are trendsetters when it comes to beautiful palm tree landscapes in the U.S., you do not have to live in these sates to use large palm trees in your landscaping. Palms grow best in the USDA zones 8-10.