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Florida Palm Tree Growers

A Quality Plant has been growing and shipping palm trees to most parts of America and a few parts of Canada. We are one of the best in wholesale palms in Florida. One thing that differentiates us from others is variety. We offer a wide variety of wholesale palms in Florida. Despite having numerous species of palm trees, we are still making efforts to discover new species. Having a wide variety of palms is one of the reasons we are one of the best Florida palm tree growers.

Why Bismarck is one of the best types of palm treess

You may not have heard of the Bismarck palm tree but you will love it when you see it. Its tall height as well as its magnificent fan-shaped leaves makes the tree very conspicuous. We love it because it has a rapid growth. It grows relatively faster than other types of palms.

Due to its visual appeal, it is often used for landscaping and general beautification. Bismarck can be used in tropical gardens and parks. This specie of palm tree is said to originate from Madagascar. It may interest you that we have many sizes of this palm. It is also necessary to mention the fact that this palm reaches about 20 feet or more in height at full maturity. This is why they give avenues a breathtaking view when grown on both sides.

Apart from Bismarck, Areca Palm is another magnificent specie of palm trees that can give your property a huge facelift thereby raising its value and sales potential. We also have it in numerous sizes. You can also get other palms from us in large quantities. Unfortunately, we don’t retail out the trees. We only sell in bulk.

Plenty of Palm Trees in Stock

We are consistent in the availability of our palm trees and we are also consistent on the quality of our trees. It can be annoying for customers to order a particular number of trees and get his order canceled or reduced because the type of palm is not available. This is why we strive hard to ensure that we never run out of stock.

Most of our trees will grow on most soil types

Another reason to consider us before others is that our palm trees are not so selective on soil types. Most of them can grow on numerous types of soil so they won’t give problems.

We offer much more than what is stated above and if you need a huge number of beautiful high quality palm trees at the lowest possible cost, you can contact us at A Quality Plant immediately.