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Florida Christmas Palm Trees

Originally grown in the Philippines, the Adonidia Merrillii palm becomes valuable if grown in areas where it is scarce. This palm plant takes the name Christmas palm in Florida since its seeds, red in color, mature during the holiday period. Compared to Philippines the Christmas palm does not grow with much profusion in Florida and this makes it more sought after as an indoor potted plant or as an outdoor plant. Their low maintenance also adds to their demand for they only need a little care to thrive. Shedding their fronds seasonally means less work of raking up leaves every now and then.

A staple in south Florida, the Adonidia Merrillii palm is used to improve the appearance of its environment of placement. Cultivation is done in single of multiple formation and this can be used in well lit indoor spaces to bring out a classy appearance to the surrounding. This palm tree is a dwarf compared to other palms and only grows 15-25’ OA. This means that the plant will not steal the attention from the environment instead works hand in hand to improve the aesthetics. Offices and other public buildings stand to benefit aesthetically from having an Adonidia palm plant.

The nature of the Adonidia Merrillii palm makes it have select audience who are always eager to get a seedling. The plant is ideal for outdoor decoration and many developers opt for it due to its unique features. The low rate of shedding fronds makes it ideal and is used to decorate large estates and complete the large designs with some classy touch. In addition to that its low maintenance ensures the landscape remains green and lively. New irrigation method like drip irrigation will ensure the plant remains healthy all the time while conserve on water.

Adonidia palm grows all year round with little care needed to maintain it. The plant has a moderate growth and tolerance to salinity which helps in growth since its roots develop well to support the palm plant. Developed roots play an important role in the overall growth of plants and influences the drought tolerance like in the Christmas palm. Low salt tolerance in plant means that their roots will not grow as required due to the salt presence hence decreasing the plants ability to withstand drought periods. Contrary to the case, Adonidia roots are known to grow and spread out to levels that threaten building foundations and drainage systems.

Growing and maintaining an Adonidia palm plant is relatively easy to do. The plant is strong and its resistance to drought almost ensures it will survive some adverse conditions. The only threat against the plant is lethal yellowing. The yellowing is caused by a pathogen and affects a variety of palm species including coco nut palms. Spread by a planthopper, lethal yellowing is limited to hot areas since the insect is does not thrive in cold areas. Adonidia palm plants is easy to grow and it is a type of plant that should be encouraged in afforestation and reforestation measures since it is drought resistant. In today's world, air cleaning properties of trees are greatly needed.