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Finding Palm Trees For Sale in Florida

The state of Florida in the Southern part of the United States has pleasant weather through out the year. Hence many people from areas with harsh winters have second homes in Florida, or visit the state during summer. This has led to the development of a large number of commercial as well as residential properties in the state. Palm trees are widely used for landscaping these properties, lining the roads and for other applications since they require less maintenance compared to other trees. So property developers as well as the landscaping companies they hire for landscaping and maintenance of the properties are interested in finding a a reliable farm or nursery offering Palm Trees For Sale Florida. A Quality Plant, located at Ruskin in Hillsborough county, Florida is one of the most popular wholesale suppliers of palms and other plants,growing a wide variety of palms.

While there are many plant nurseries selling palms in Florida, most of them are not specializing in palms, so they do not have a large variety of palms available. Though we have palm like cycads, oak trees and gingers, we mainly focus on supplying the best quality palms to our customers. For this we have a large farm whose area is more than one hundred and fifty acres, so that we can grow the different kinds of palms our clients will require. We grow the palms we sell from seeds, watering and fertilizing them regularly, and monitoring their growth regularly, so that we only supply healthy palms to our customers.

Landscaping companies can order all the palms which they require from us, ranging from the fast growing Washington robusta, specimen palms like the canary island date palm, and the comparatively rare medjool date palm with edible fruits, which few other nurseries in Florida are stocking. The Washington robusta is one of the most popular palms for lining the pathways, streets since it is easy to transplant, inexpensive, and like the queen palm it is fast growing. The Bismarck palm and other specimen palms grow slowly , are larger in size and more expensive. Our staff will offer free advice on choosing the right palms for a particular property after considering the area available, soil conditions.