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Commercial Wholesale Bismark Palm Tree Supplier

When on landscaping projects, it is important to purchase the right palm trees from the best supplier. A Quality Plant is just that, the commercial wholesale Bismarck Palm tree supplier you've been looking for. And not only the Bismarck: we've got all kinds you could wish for.

Bismarck Palm tree (Bismarckia Nobilis)

These enormous, but gracious palms are native to Madagascar and are very tough. They require a lot of space, because they can grow up to 60 feet high, and spread out up to 16 feet. They love sun, and will only need irrigation when young. When adult, they are very resistant to diseases and pests.

Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis)

Also called the Pineapple Palm, this date palm is gentler than Bismarck. It can also reach up to 65 feet, but its spread can be up to three times the Bismarck Palm's. Canary Island Palms always need a high quantity of potassium and magnesium in their soil. Otherwise, they can easily wither away.

Chinese Fan Palm (Livistona chinensis)

Sometimes known as the Fountain Palm, Chinese Fan Palms are native to, you guessed it, China and Japan. However, because of their adaptability, they have become quite widespread. They are resistant to both cold and droughts, so they don't require any special conditions.
Reclinata Palm (Phoenix reclinata)

These are also known as the Senegal Date Palms, and they absolutely love both rainfall and sunlight, and are native to the tropical and sub-tropical parts of Africa. Reclinata can reach up to 50 feet high, and spread up to 15 feet.

Sylvester Palm (Phoenix sylvestris)

They also bear the name of Silver Date Palm, and are kind of a smaller version of Canary Islanders. They are a lot tougher too, and can take cold temperatures and droughts. Sylvester's height can reach up to 40 feet, but the growing process is pretty slow.

A Quality Plant is the right choice for you. We are a wholesale palms supplier that ships to builders and landscapers any place in the United States. Our company specializes on selling palms in bulk, but we may also make direct to the public deals in case it is a large job.