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Commercial Landscape Supply - Bulk Wholesale Palms

Looking to buy wholesale palm trees in bulk?

A Quality Plant a wholesale Palms Florida Company that specializes in raising the best palm trees. We sell a wide variety of palm trees with shipping available all throughout North America, and even as far as Ontario, Canada. You will find our quality Florida grown palms everywhere from the south of the USA to the east coast. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards when it comes to the production quality in every step of the way during the growing process.

We have one of the largest palm tree nurseries in Florida, boasting almost 200 acres in production. You don't have to worry about us using poor quality seeds, because we discard them to ensure that what gets to you is nothing but the highest quality wholesale palms. To ensure that our palm trees receive the utmost care, we always ensure that the temperatures in our nursery are within the appropriate range to achieve optimum growth of the palms. Furthermore, all our plants are very well aerated and regularly misted at all times, even as they are being shipped to your location.

Florida Bulk Wholesale Palms

We are one of the most reliable Wholesale Palms Florida companies, selling all varieties of palms to satisfy the needs of different customers. These are the groups of palms available for sale at A Quality Plant:

Field grown palms: These include Spindle Palm, Washington Palm, and Windmill Palm, among others. They are available in various sizes and are ready for transplantation as soon as they arrive at your field.

Container palms: These constitute Foxtail Palm, Bismarck Palm, and Golden Cane Palm, to mention just a few. They are slow-growing and drought-tolerant.

Cycads: For example the chestnut dioon and the Sago Palm. Their distinctive features are the woody and stout trunks.

Specimen palms: Include Pineapple Palm, and Silver Date Palm, among others. They make for great landscaping.

We offer commercial landscaping supply throughout Florida as well. Our landscaping services are known to be exceptional, with clients in Tampa, Clearwater, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville, Ruskin, and many others. For some beautiful landscape work, request a quote, or contact us for more information. If you are a homeowner looking to upgrade your landscape design, contact us for our high-quality wholesale palms direct from the nursery.

We will help to arrange for trucking when you purchase palms from us. You will be responsible for the cost of trucking, but we can aid you to reduce the cost of trucking by combining loads. For affordable Wholesale Palms in Florida and a wide variety, choose A Quality Plant.