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Commercial Palm Hedging

Palms For Commercial Hedging:

They are appropriate candidates for wind block and commercial hedging. Different varieties of palm, such as Bismarck, Canary Island Date, Reclinata and Sylvester, make excellent hedges as they retain their leaves throughout the year.

Benefits Of Buying Landscape Palm Trees:

Many folks like to buy established specimens from a wholesale palm tree distributor. It is beneficial, seeing as you achieve instant results. However, the disadvantage is certain saplings require extra time and support to establish themselves in the new environment.

A Guide To Planting Evergreens:

Palm is a worldwide choice for commercial hedging. Follow these tips to grow palm trees around your home.

  1. Strategic location in the landscape and proper spacing between tress is an important factor. When you transplant palm pups into the ground, they derive energy from lower fronds to establish their roots. Because of its high growth potential, the roots spread out fast. You need to dig holes (45 centimeters deep), at least 6 to 8 feet apart to accommodate multiple trees in a single row.
  2. Finish backfilling the holes with newly composted, soft soils. Dolomite and Gypsum are wonderful conditioners. You may add them to lower soil pH. Add potassium sulfate to promote growth and fruit production.
  3. Add organic matter to improve soil quality. Fertilizers (seaweed or chicken based) and manure aid development and recovery from environmental stress. You may apply them thrice a month, for 4 to 6 six weeks.
  4.   Keep a close eye on soil moisture. Trees require regular watering. Water the soil, but do not sprinkle it on leaves to avoid fungal infection.
  5.   You may add mycorrhizal fungi to increase water and nutrient uptake quantity of the roots. 
  6. Apply fungicides to avoid contamination in the spring season.
  7. Prune dry, dead and diseased branches and leaves annually. It is essential for ensuring visual appeal and good health.

A Few Examples:

Buyers get overwhelmed with so many varieties of palm available in the market. You can go with popular choices like royal palm, coconut palm or pygmy date palm.

Royal palm is valued for its ornamental aesthetics. It bears a beautiful, dense canopy of large and pointed feathery leaves. Pygmy date palms are dwarf trees, best suited for tropical, subtropical and warm temperate gardens. Coconut palm is symbolic of beach. It grows best in coastal regions.

To conclude, I would like to say that palm commercial hedging is the best way to ensure privacy in yards. If you want something natural and unique, you must buy wholesale palm trees and plant them at the weekends, as a part of your DIY project.