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Christmas Palms / Adonidia merrillii

The scientific name of the Christmas Palm is Adonidia merrillii. This particular tree is popularly used by professionals of landscaping in Southern Florida. It is, however, identified by various names with the most common one being the Manila Palm. This name is based on the fact that the tree is originally from Philippines.

The tree is also known as a Dwarf Royal Palm. This is because it takes the shape of the Royal Palm with the only difference being that it is considerably smaller. Other names include Adonidia Palm, Kerpis Palm, and Veitichia Palm.
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Have you wondered why it is called a Christmas Palm?

Simple, it is because of its flowers and fruits. During summer, light green flowers grow on the Adonidia Palm, and they turn into a creamy-colored blossom. In December, these blossoms are transformed into oval-shaped fruits. These green fruits turn bright red as they grow ripe.

Most times, the fruits are ready to eat just around the Christmas holidays. The clusters resemble Christmas tree ornaments, hence the common name. The Christmas Tree has fronds which look like feathers, and they give it a rich green appearance which is particularly pleasant when planted in clusters of two or three.

This palm cannot survive the cold weather of Florida despite being associated with a cold season (Christmas.) It barely withstands temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit and is not tolerant of frost. The ideal temperature for this palm is somewhere above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and zones 10B-11 offer the most suitable conditions. Most of The Christmas Palms grow to a height of 20 feet and can be used to enhance the appearance of a yard or the interior of a house.
Many of the other palm trees bear fruits. Some of them possess a heart (hearts of palm) which can be eaten. However, the tree dies after the heart is eaten and eating the fruits is a more eco-friendly approach.

Below is a list of a few palm trees that also bear fruit:
  • Areca Palm - This palm produces small edible nuts which are actually considered fruits. They are called betel nuts.
  • Green Malayan and Maypan- Coconuts are born from these palms. These fruits produce coconut oil which has plenty of industrial and domestic uses.
  • The Queen Palm - The Queen Palm produces fruits which look like dates, but with some aspects of a coconut. Its taste, however, is like a combination of a plum and a banana.
  • Senegal Date Palm (Reclinata). This specific palm produces small dates.

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