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Three factors to consider while choosing a palm tree in Florida

Palm trees lend a tropical feel to any landscape on whichthey are planted in addition to creating beautifulhedges for given property. The palm trees in Florida flourish because of the bountiful sunshine, which gives rise to arelatively warm climate. 

While there are many hedging palms for sale in Florida, it takes much more that the sun and warm weather to grow healthy andbeautiful hedges. It is, therefore,important for homeowners to understand the factors that significantly influencethe healthy growth of palm trees. 

Failure to consider these factors while planting palm trees often results in huge financial losses and frustrations. 

Here are the three most crucial factors to consider whileplanting palm hedges in Florida: soil type, tree size, and climate. 

Must have the right soil for the palm trees

Palm trees derive their nutrients from the soils and assuch, the type of soil upon which they areplanted significantly influences their growth patterns. There are many hedgingpalms for sale in Florida, and each typehas different soil requirement to achieve optimum growth. 

Always be sure to ask your supplier to provide you with suchvital information. If the soil on your property is not as fertile, you canboost the nutrient level by adding fertilizer. However, do not settle for cheapfertilizers that wash away with the rains and will not add much value to yourplants. 

Always settle for high-quality fertilizer with a slow releaseformula. This type of fertilizers have all the necessary nutrients and promoteroot development. Extensive root systemsincrease the long-term vitality of palm trees. 

The size of the palmtree

Despite their initial small sizes, palm trees hedges cangrow to tremendous heights and can often pose a danger to your property andpublic utilities such as power lines. It is therefore quite prudent to acquirethe correct type of palm tree for your property. 

Although there many hedging palms for sale in Florida, it iswise to settle for the type that suits your available space. If you are pressed for space, opt for the small palmvarieties such as Sego and Areca palms.For large and expansive properties not limited by space, you are free to usethe loftier varieties such as Washington and Silver date palm trees 

A palm that grows into your neighbor’s property could leadto a lawsuit that would not only cost you money but also force you to cut downyour tree. 

The temperature requirements

Palm trees flourish in the tropical climate, deserts, and coastal regions – the warmer areas. Most palm trees do well in these zones because they have high temperatures, humidity, and rainfall. If such trees are planted in cold weather areas they are weakened, which leave makes vulnerableto pest and diseases. 

There are, however,palm trees such as the queen palm and canary island date palm that weather thecold climate with relative ease. Known as cold hardy,' these palm treevarieties can sustain growth at temperatures of 20 degrees. Despite the availabilityof different hedging palms for sale in Florida, it is of utmost importance toacquire the right palm species to match your local weather conditions.