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Chinese Fan Palms For Sale

We sell many chinese fan palms for sale. Chinese fans are the second coldest and hardest palm of that family. Concerning endurance, these babies can withstand temperatures slightly below 0 degrees Fahrenheit during restricted times.

The Chinese fan palm has broad leaves. This palm tree is an indoor plant. These plants grow well in solariums and indoor pools where natural sunlight is bright. The stem of this plant is very similar to a trap. This palm plant when mature reaches the trunk of wood, but during its young age, the stem is delicate. The stem of this tree can grow up to 18 inches in diameter and can earn the range of 15 to 25 feet. Some inflorescences are hidden in the crown and are transformed before in the fruit. The fruit of this tree is oval and round. The fruit is appetizing and has a shaded bluish green.

These palms are notable for their moderate growth nature. They are tolerant to infertile soils but will respond well to proper nutrition and prefer the full introduction of the sun.

We use the patented mixture of manure from 8-2-12 of A Quality Plant for maximum nutrition.

These beautiful fan palms boast a vast shadow. The tips of the longleaf segment hang gracefully giving the shelter a tearful appearance. This palm grows well under direct sunlight. But it is recommended to develop young plants in the shade. You must water the tree with enough water to increase its growth. This plant must be fertilized twice a year, that is, in summer and winter. The compost should contain supplements of a smaller scale. You must provide liquid fertilizer useful. You must also offer water to the land before fertilizing the palm plant.

As with anything, regional tastes and patterns dictate the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

Our customer base includes the entire Southeast of the US and they have their particular style associated with the look and feel in the trunk of the Chinese fan palm.

Putting a diamond cut or cutting a quality plant into the trunk of these palms have become a pattern. As always, excellence is subjective. In case your client is excited about the stylized look, be sure to talk about the additional cost of the cut. Livistona chinensis is an excellent example of landscaping facilities, not only in the southeast but also much further north than you can imagine.

Taking into account, as with other people of the Livistona family, Chinensis can be hot and should be checked when transplanting. Doing watering when moving is the key to the achievement of the Chinese fan palm. A Quality Plant, together with other growers, has grown specimens of double, triple and multiple logs. The introduction of these intentionally designed palms in the industry has made a legitimate demand. This plant does not require any maintenance. They need a minimal amount of cut to the leaves. The small reduction will relieve life in the Chinese fan palm. This palm is attacked by insect bites. But this can be cured with the rain of pesticide