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Chinese Fan Palm Tree / Livistona chinensis - Wholesale Palms

Chinese fan palms, or Livistona palms, get their name from the broad, fan-like fronds bursting forth from the top of the long, slender trunk. There are several varieties commonly grown for use in landscaping and gardens.

Some varieties have fronds arranged vertically from the trunk while other's fronds spread out and give the palm a silhouette similar to a deciduous tree. Each leaf tip separates from the main fan and trails down to flow in the wind.

These palms grow slowly and do not reach their maximum height of about 30 to 40 feet for years. They are attractive and ornamental at every stage of their life cycle.

One of the best things about the Livistona group of palm trees is their hardiness in various soils and temperature ranges. The Chinese Fan palm can survive freezes, frosts, and infrequent bouts of cold below zero degrees Fahrenheit. While they grow in poor soil, proper fertilization will help these showy trees reach their full potential.