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Cedar Key Florida Palm Tree Nursery

Cedar Key is a group of islands off the coast of Florida. Though the population of the islands is less at approximately eight hundred, it is a popular vacation spot with tourists visiting the area. Hence there are a large number of commercial properties which provide accommodation and other facilities for the tourists, The landscapers and property developers maintaining or redesigning existing properties or developing new properties are interested in finding the right Cedar Key Florida Palm Tree Nursery who will supply them the palms they require. A Quality Palm remains one of the most popular palm nurseries in Florida have supplied palms for a large number of commercial properties including resorts.

Since Cedar Key consists mainly of islands, the soil and weather in the property is likely to be different from mainland Florida. Hence landscapers who wish to purchase wholesale palms should provide details of the location where the palms will be placed to get free advice. While soil conditions are not very important if container palms are being grown, they can affect the growth of the palm if field grown or specimen palms are being grown. Some of the palms like the Canary Island palm and the Queen palm will only well if the soil is well drained and fertilizer is applied regularly. Other palms like the Mexican Fan Palm or Washington Robustia requires comparatively less maintenance.

The height and size of the fully grown palm should also be considered while selecting the right palm. The Washington robustia is one of the biggest palms reaching a height of up to 100 feet, while other palms often reach forty feet in height. Some palms like the canary palm have a large shaft which can be up to four feet wide. Since transplanting a large palm is expensive and time consuming, landscapers should plan the garden or outdoor area properly. Those who want more flexibility in the location of the palms, can opt for container palms. Though these palms are smaller in size, affordably priced, they are mostly slow growing.