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Cape Coral Palm Tree Nursery

Florida is famous for the wide variety of palms which are grown extensively lining the streets, roads, as well as in parks and private properties. Cape Coral is one of the largest cities in Florida, with more than 70% of the families owning their homes. Many of these homes have their own garden, so property developers as well as landscaping service providers in Cape Coral are interested in finding a reliable Cape Coral Palm Tree Nursery who can supply them with the palms they require. A Quality Plant is one of the most trusted nurseries in Florida, supplying palms and other plants for landscaping.

We realize that the palms are used extensively for landscaping and are often the focal point. We are aware that replacing a palm which has died or is diseased is time consuming and tedious. Hence we take care to ensure that we supply high quality palms which are likely to flourish in almost all weather and soil conditions. All the palms which we supply are grown from quality seeds. Before they are dispatched to the customer we inspect the palms for disease or other defects. The roots of the palms are also hardened before dispatching so that they can grow well even if they are transplanted.

Our staff works closely with our customers to help them choose the right palm based on where they will be planted. While we usually ship smaller palms to our customers since they are more inexpensive , easier to transport and transplant, our clients should be aware of the size of the fully grown palm. For example some of the fast growing palms like the Washington robustia or the queen palm can grow to a height of up to forty feet, so there should enough space available. Other palms like the canary island date palm are growing horizontally, and their trunk can be four feet wide.

Using our extensive experience in supplying wholesale palms to a large number of customers, we offer free advice on choosing the right palm based on the budget and how the palms will be used.