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7 Reasons to Buy Wholesale Silver Date Palm Trees

If you are looking for ways to enhance the aesthetic value of your Florida property, you can’t go wrong with palm trees. There are several reasons why palm trees are the best choice to add style and beauty to your property. Here are just 7 of those reasons why you should buy Wholesale Sylvester Palms.

Beautiful landscape

One of the major reasons why palm trees are so popular is how effective they are at transforming a bare landscape to a seductive looking property. Just a few trees can give the impression of a semi-tropical paradise. Not only are they known for their tropical beauty they also provide shade and delicious fruits. 

Low maintenance 

Palm trees need minimal maintenance. After planting, it needs little water and nutrition. They are sturdy and highly resistant. They are hardly affected by diseases or pest. They are also durable and can survive with minimal attention. Palm trees do not also shed leaves as often as other trees so cleaning after them would be very easy. Most trees would require regular raking of dead fallen leaves, but with the palm tree, you only get to pick up the occasional front that drops.

Survive Almost everywhere

Palm trees are not choosy when it comes to soil types. They do prefer sandy loams or sandy soil but they can also survive and thrive in clay. Palm trees also have the ability to survive in the different type of climate, so you can be sure your trees would thrive all year round. As palm tree experts, we can determine the best type of wholesale silver date palm tree that would suit your location. There are several beautiful varieties to choose from. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. We can help you select silver date palm trees for your property. 

Increases value of your property

Grown mature palm trees are worth big bucks. When you buy Wholesale Sylvester Palms you are actually investing in your property. Even if you do not plan to sell the mature trees, it does add value to the property. Some varieties palm trees can be transplanted even when mature as they are highly demanded by landscapers, botanical gardens, and homeowners. A relator would have to factor in the worth of your mature palms when valuing your property. 

Storm Resistant

Palm trees are great for coastal regions where the weather can get quite stormy. When a storm or heavy rain occurs, most plants get pulled off and blown away, but not the palm tree. It would sway, bend, but would not get blown away. This is because of the unique root system of the tree. It is secured firmly to the ground and you won’t have to fear about it crashing into your house or dropping on people.

At A Quality Plant, we specialize in all types of palm trees and other top quality landscaping plants. We can help transform your property and garden to the dream home you desire. We offer affordable wholesale silver date palm trees at competitive prices and our after sale services are top notch. When you buy Sylvester palms in Clearwater, Florida from us you can be sure you are making an investment in beauty, style, and value.