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Buy Phoenix Sylvestris Palm Trees in Tampa, Florida

Nothing beats the Sylvester Palm (phoenix sylvestris) in creating a classic luxury landscape. These cold hardy, easy to care for palms are perfect for locating poolside, as feature trees in your courtyard, for framing your front entry or clustered around your lawn. They look fabulous at night brought to life with up-lights and upgrade any landscape, so buy Phoenix Sylvestris Palm trees in Tampa, Florida.

Why Phoenix Sylvestris Palms?

Gardeners around the world for its delicate, feathery fronds have adopted the Sylvester Date Palm. Originally a native of India these graceful palms can now be found throughout the world gracing the grounds of luxury homes, hotels and golf courses. 

Commonly referred to as the Wild Date Palm or the Silver Date Palm the Sylvester Date Palm is part of the Date Palm family. With its large greenish-silver fronds delicately arching into the sky, the Sylvester Date Palm creates a majestic air in any landscape. When properly pruned the Sylvester Date Palm sports a highly decorative diamond shaped pattern down the trunk.

Making the Perfect Landscaping Statement with Phoenix Sylvestris Palms

Sylvester Date Palms are statement plants that provide a framework for a landscaping plan. Large, graceful and elegant, these palms are magnificent when placed in the right environment and highlighted by sensitive lighting.

Create your own serene oasis in your compound while increasing your property value. We all know beautifully landscaped gardens not only help your property sell quicker when the time comes, but adds to its allure. In Florida, a garden without a planting of its iconic palm trees is just not complete. After all, this is a state with a palm as its official state tree.

Your Sylvester Date Palm will not only look beautiful but is also a rugged form of palm, which can tolerate cold and hot temperatures with no ill-effects. Reliably robust, your Sylvester Date Palm can be relied on to withstand cold freezes and occasional droughts. Grace your landscape with a Sylvester Date Palm and bring a taste of the exotic tropics to your door.

Florida, Home of the Sylvester Date Palm 

Florida, America’s Sunshine State’, enjoys a beautiful climate perfect for growing delightful tropical natives such as the Sylvester Date Palm. Warm, humid summers eventually make way to relatively mild winters, making Florida the perfect palm nursery. Like many coastal regions, Florida is renowned for its world-class palms and lush landscapes. These unique trees, lovingly tended by A Quality Plant evoke Florida’s relaxed beach side lifestyle and are the perfect place to buy Phoenix Sylvestris Palm trees in Tampa, Florida.

On those long hot summer days when the temperatures are high, relaxing under the waving fronds of a Sylvester Date Palm is a great way to enjoy your evenings.

Planting Tips:

The Phoenix Sylvestris palm is highly versatile. For the most spectacular impact, cluster them in clumps of three or more in staggered heights. Bring out their evocative shapes at night with strategically placed lighting. 

While naturally drought tolerant Phoenix Sylvestris palms do best with regular watering and feeding. Always select a fertilizer containing trace amounts of potassium, as they are prone to be deficient in this mineral.