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Best Palm Trees for Landscaping and Decoration

We, at A Quality Plant, grow more than 20 varieties of palms which include accent trees, perfect for complementing a space, and specimen pieces, suitable as an element of a landscape or a garden area. The different varieties of palm trees that we sell enables the buyer to create their dream landscape.

Nitida and Windmill palm are among the different types of trees that we offer. Even though its typical full-grown height is roughly 25 feet, Windmill palms can grow as tall as 40 feet. Its height increases slowly at a rate of one foot per year. Nitida palm, on the other hand, is taller and grow faster to a height of 40 to 50 feet. Although Windmill and Nitida palm are tall, not all palm trees are large, and we at A Quality Plant have considered that. We understand that you may at times want something that hangs over and at times something to fill up the vertical space. At A Quality Plant you will be spoiled for choice. Whether you want small, large, accent, or a feature palm tree, we have them all.

Types of small palm trees
Small palm trees come in different varieties which include European Fan Palm, the Roebelenii Palm, and the Bottle Palm. The European Fan palm, Chamaerops humilis, grow to a maximum height of 10 feet tall and it originates from Europe. The Bottle, Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, grows to a typical height of 12 feet and it originates from Mascarenes, off the coast of Madagascar. It is one of the ideal accent palms that is suitable for architects and landscapers. The Roebelenii, Phoenix Roebelenii, grow to a maximum of 10 feet and it originates from Southeastern Asia. Also known as Pygmy Date palm, this tree is quite popular in the Southern United States seen outside homes, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Growth and Maintenance of Small Palms
Small palm trees can be grown and maintained in various ways. For instance, the European Fan palm is a hardy tree that can grow in cold climate areas. Lady palm is primarily an indoor tree that cannot survive in colder areas of below 25 degrees. The Dwarf Sugar palm, on the other hand, has a very low salt tolerance as compared to the European Fan palm.
Generally, small palm trees are hardy and easy to maintain. Most palm trees grow in well-drained and moist soil. It is recommended to apply fertilizer twice a year. Properly maintained palm trees grow for years.

Landscaping of small palm trees
Small palm trees are trendy among architects and landscapers. They are mainly used as accent pieces and are ideal for planting outside homes, offices, shopping centers, and restaurants. They are also suitable for patios, walkways, gardens, and decks. Their small size makes them ideal for potting and indoor use. They can be placed in large living space as accent pieces or feature pieces that draw attention to themselves. Small palm trees give a real sense of the tropical breeze like those at beaches and crashing wave to an indoor space.

To experience all these benefits for landscaping or decoration/design purpose buy small palm trees that we have for you.
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