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Wholesale Palm Tree Farm Servicing Apalachicola, FL

Wholesale Palm Trees Supplier Apalachicola, Florida In need of palm tree nursery or supplier servicing Apalachicola, FL? A Quality Plant Is The Answer!

We produce palm trees here locally and ship to customers all over the United States including Apalachicola, FL who want the unique beauty of these plants. For someone who is looking for a smaller palm tree in their Apalachicola, Florida landscape, we might suggest the Chinese Palm, which grows up to 20 – 35 feet in height. The palmate leaves can grow up to five feet long and are a lovely pale green color. Once this plant is established, it is tolerant to dry conditions. It bears magnificent pale yellow flowers, which are as long as three feet in diameter.

Wholesale Field Grown Palm Trees For Sale, Servicing Apalachicola, Florida

Sabal palms are used for lining roads and streets in Apalachicola, Florida, since they survive extreme heat as well as cold, and do not require much maintenance. Washington Robustia and Queen palm are also affordable palms used for pathways. Areca palms are affordable, and used extensively for hedging properties. They are also supplied in containers. The Pindo or jelly palm is one of the most suitable palms for Atlanta since it will survive lower temperatures in winter. The affordable palm will also bear delicious fruits which can be converted into jellies or jams. The European Fan Palm, windmill palm and needle palm are some of the other palms which will survive the cold winter weather in Atlanta. All the palms we supply are grown from quality seeds, and receive proper nutrients so that they grow into healthy palms. Our staff will carefully inspect each palm to ensure that it complies with our quality guidelines before dispatching it to our customers in Apalachicola, FL.

Servicing Apalachicola, FL with Canary Island Date Palm Trees

The Canary Island Date Palm is a palm tree of the highest quality stock for landscaping in southern U.S. States. Also called the Phoenix Canariensis is a species is native to the Canary Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean near the northeast African coastline. Canary Island Date Palm Trees are a very popular form of landscape palm in warmer climate areas around the world. Canary Island Date Palm Trees can grow up to 60 feet in height and have a thick appealing diamond pattern design on the trunk. The crowns can grow in upwards of 18' feet with very large arching pinnate leaves.

Apalachicola, Florida Provider for bulk landscape Palm Trees

Whether you're looking for the finishing touches to a landscape or exotic palm tree project in Apalachicola, Florida, or any integral part of your landscape needs moving forward, make sure you only put your trust in the best - A Quality Plant, wholesale palm tree supplier, servcing Apalachicola, FL.